5 thoughts on “Did Momo Intentionally Broke Bumpa Neck Mek She Dead

  1. My condolences to her family but seeing the video I dnt believe it was intentional looks like she miss judge the jump,and wen she took off she couldn’t stop dats why she landed on her bum.It was a miss judged stunt dat went wrong cause you can hear a lady a say momo you tink you can manage this something to that effect but murder noo o dnt see dat


  2. This wasnt intentional, accidents happened it’s a tragedy she have lost her life I am so sorry for the family and friends of bumpa …u can clearly see that the stunt wasnt executed properly if it did they wouldn’t be in this position but it happened…momo I cant imagine how you may feel ….


  3. Anybody say a accident sick inna dem head🙄‼️‼️‼️A can accident n she on the woman siddung if a did accident she wuda get up same time the stunt went wrong n to mi it all look like she a fix r hair pan tap a d woman kmft tell u bout these so call frenz


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