2 thoughts on “MoMO Kill DHQ Bumpa Front View Footage

  1. Ahhhh Jah Jah that made me Jump an me a Big Man Not even Duppy can Trouble me, To me honestly That Seemed Fucking Stupid an Intentional there is No other way that would of Turned Out, You’d have to be retarded not to realize that was gonna go wrong in every which way you look at it, She jumped on her Backside with downwards Force there was intent to cause Harm, Arrest her Dumb Ass for Manslaughter, I’m a Martial artist of 22 years an have never seen anything that Stupid, promoters selectors and the Killer needs Arresting, Sad loss of a Beautiful Woman.

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  2. Dam I could hear the people dem in the party a call momo more than once asking her if she sure the people dem warn her and even tho bumpa hear to she still allow her fren to do a detrimental act on her kmt.


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