Full Footage Of Gunman Opening FIRE Inside Bronx NYPD Precinct

Video shows moment gunman opens fire inside Bronx NYPD precinct

A gunman who stormed a Bronx precinct station Sunday morning shooting at cops dove behind a desk when officers pulled their guns and threw down his firearm, new shocking videos show.

The surveillance videos from inside the police station in the 41st Precinct, obtained by The Post, starts around 8 a.m. with an officer walking up to the desk before the gunman opens fire from just feet away.

The cop runs back for cover before a second officer comes into the scene with his gun drawn in the under-a-minute clip.

The gunman can then be seen taking cover behind a desk and slides his gun across the tile flooring of the station house.

Within seconds of surrendering, more than a dozen cops swarm the front of the precinct to cuff the gunman, the video shows.